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Student Gallery

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Cambridge Programme
Pasco Middle School
Dade City, FL

(Submitted by Kelly Faysash)

Hayden's Floor Plan

6th Grade
Saluda Trail Middle School
Rock Hill, SC

(Submitted by Marsha Graves)

Gina's Dream House

Gina's Dream House

Grace's Dream House

Grace's Dream House

Grace's Descriptions

Grace's Shopping List (.pdf)

Grace Budget

Grace's Budget (.xls)

Helen Dream House

Helen's Dream House

Helen's Budget

Helen's Budget (.xls)

Judd Dream House

Judd's Dream House

Judd's Descriptions

Judd's Shopping List (.pdf)

Judd's Budget

Judd's Budget (.xls)

Patty's Dream House

Patty's Dream House

Tahirah's Dream House

Tahirah's Dream House

Tanya's Dream House

Tanya's Dream House

Tanya's Budget

Tanya's Budget (.xls)

Wei's Dream House

Wei's Dream House

Wei's Budget

Wei's Budget (.xls)



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To submit student floor plans and drawings for display in the Math-Kitecture web site, please attach them to your e-mails. All floor plans and geometry drawings that have been sent to the Math-Kitecture web site will be proudly displayed in the student gallery!

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