Geometry in Architecture

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Can you find Geometric Shapes in Buildings and Structures?

 Geometry within a Bridge

In this example, six basic elements of geometry (point, segment, ray, line, angle, and triangle) have been identified within the bridge.

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Take a picture of any room, building, house, or structure in your neighborhood and use different colored markers to highlight the shapes within. You can also cut out the picture from an architectural magazine, such as Architectural Digest or House and Garden. Scan a picture from an architectural magazine into a drawing document and use different colored lines (from the line tool) to highlight the shapes within. Please send your completed drawings to the Math-Kitecture website!
Find a picture or postcard of a famous building or skyscraper (like the Parthenon of ancient Greece) and discover the three-dimensional shapes within. Copy an architectural picture from the Internet into a drawing document. To do this, right-click with the mouse button (Windows) or control-click with the mouse button (Macintosh) on the picture until a menu appears. Slide the mouse to the "Copy this Picture" option. Release the mouse button. Then start a new drawing document and go to Edit-> Paste.

The Tweed Courthouse is the headquarters for the New York City Department of Education. It is a famously beautiful building, but few non-employees have ever been inside. How many shapes can you find in Tweed Courthouse?

Click on the picture for more views of the Tweed Courthouse in NYC

Golden Rectangles

Can you find "Golden Rectangles" in architecture? Try looking at images of the Parthenon in Athens, Greece and the United Nations headquarters in New York City.


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